Invest with insight, grow with confidence

Oyster Financial paves your path to financial success by simplifying real estate investment, offering a unique end-to-end solution for wealth creation.

Smart strategies personalised to take your investment further  

Oyster Financial will craft an investment plan suited to your financial circumstances, and guide you through property purchases. We secure the best available finance for your investment and provide ongoing guidance to manage your growing portfolio. Our commitment is lifelong, ensuring your journey to financial prosperity is smooth and successful.

We’ll set you up with tax strategies that turn your debt into tax deductions or we can help you create structures that will have your home loan paid off in just 10 years. It’s a personalised approach to your financial goals.

Wealth creation made accessible

Andrew transforms property investing into a simplified, profitable endeavour.

A CPA, licensed mortgage broker, and seasoned accountant since 1998, Andrew crafts personalised plans and secures the best finance options for your investments.

Wealth creation isn't just his profession—it's his passion. Andrew is committed to making property investing accessible, whether you're making your first ever investment or looking to build your portfolio.

Andrew Hoholt

How Oyster Financial helps you build wealth

From understanding your investment aspirations to delivering a tailored plan, our approach ensures a seamless journey to financial growth.


Getting to know you

Begin your journey with an initial one-on-one consultation with Andrew to discuss your financial ambitions. This is followed by a thorough data gathering process to understand your financial status and objectives.


Your investment plan

Drawing upon the collected insights, Andrew creates an individualised investment blueprint. This is followed by an online session to discuss your specific investment plan and the proposed property.


Navigating the fine print

Andrew's expertise in managing property financing and contract creation streamlines what is traditionally a stressful process. As your journey progresses, depend on his continuing support for future property investment opportunities.

Guiding your investment journey with integrity

Andrew's comprehensive, ethical approach to property investment stands unparalleled. As a CPA, registered tax agent, and licensed mortgage broker, he simplifies your investment process by serving as a one-stop solution.

Trust in Andrew's integrity and extensive knowledge across accounting, tax, finance, and investing.

Why choose Oyster Financial?

Customised investment planning

Detailed, time-bound investment planning, providing a clear roadmap towards achieving your financial goals.

Tailored property analysis

An individualised approach to align investments with your unique financial circumstances.

Complete financial clarity

Clear and comprehensive financial guidance with an in-depth breakdown of your investment loan.

Expert tax and risk management

Committed to simplifying your tax process and helping you mitigate any potential risks.

Software made simple

We use Middle data collection software and property investment analysis software to provide detailed reports, enabling you to make informed decisions and maximise your investment potential.

Comprehensive Property Analysis

Informed Investment Decisions

Maximise Investment Potential

Buying an investment property & generating wealth is easier than you think with Oyster Financial.

Connect with Andrew at Oyster Financial today and set your investment journey in motion.