Obtaining finance for your business can be tricky. Most traditional lenders require property equity as security before they’ll consider lending to you, and for most business people, their home equity is the asset they use to raise the finance they need for their business. With the Banking Royal Commission, lenders have tightened their lending criteria, which restricts funding available to Australian small businesses, and many business owners are finding it impossible to obtain business finance from their bank. Even if your bank is willing to lend to you, the process is often so cumbersome and drawn out that the opportunity has passed you by once the bank finally says ‘yes’.

Thankfully a new breed of lender has entered the market place. They recognise that lending to an established business is far less risky than the banks think and will lend to you based solely on your recent bank statements and a reasonable credit report. They don’t require security for amounts up to $150,000, the application process takes 10 minutes, and best of all, you can have the funds in your business account tomorrow.

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