Applying for mortgage finance can be quite a process.

Australian Law requires that a lender knows all about a borrower’s income and financial position before a lender is able to offer a loan to a consumer that must be ‘not unsuitable’ for the needs of the borrower.

This means that wherever you go, you will need to provide a whole lot of information about your financial life before you can even apply for a loan.

At Oyster Financial, it’s our job to make the process as fast and painless for you as possible. Our friendly staff will need to collect pertinent financial information form you before we can ascertain which type of loan product and which lender will best suit your needs.

Usually we do this in an interview with you, but if you’re super keen to get started, you can download our Fact Finder here, and return the completed form to us at

If you’re short on time at the moment, but just want to get the ball rolling, why not fill out our Apply form. It’s quick and easy!

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