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Let’s face it, if your finances are a mess, it ends up putting a whole lot of pressure that you don’t need on every other aspect of your life. But for those who have their finances under control, and their money working for them – the world is your oyster!

At Oyster Financial, we want to partner with you so you can master your finances.

Too many loans bleeding you dry? Want to consolidate that 20% credit card into a 5% mortgage loan? Tax debts that you need to pay?

Need cash out for a car, holiday, investment or any worthwhile purpose?

You may have been there and seen the rye smile on the face of a lending officer at the bank when they stick their nose in the air and gently break the news to you that their bank does not refinance tax debts. Unfortunately, the big banks do not take kindly to any small business person who has not been able to meet their tax obligations on time and in full. Basically the Banks expect that small businesses run on schedule and like clock work every day of the week, however the people at the coalface a small business know that this this just is not so.

Thankfully, there are a number of lenders in the Australian market place that have a far more common sense approach to the refinancing of tax debt. Many of these lenders will allow small business people to use the equity in their home to restructure their overall debt position and get back on a firm foundation. These non-bank lenders understand that small business can be tricky and that in the life of any business, there will be natural ups and downs.

Why not contact us to discuss your situation and see how we can help you get your small business back on track by using the equity in your home to pay out ATO that tax debt.

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