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Self-employed and need a Home Loan?

We are professional finance brokers located in both Brisbane and Melbourne. We are a fully operational finance broker business with many areas of expertise; including, low doc loans and low doc commercial loans.

Dealing with financial institutions can be difficult at the best of times. Let us take this difficulty out of the loan process. We work hard to find you the most suitable loan for your individual situation. No matter whether you are self-employed or have a bad credit rating, give us a call today to discuss your lending options!
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Low doc SMALL BUSINESS loans

Low doc small business loans  are very popular with a lot of our clients because they are made for those individuals who are self-employed and may find themselves in circumstances where they are unable to prove their income to a lender using traditional methods (ie your tax returns are behind).

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Low Doc Commercial Loans

Low Doc Commercial Loans

Low doc commercial loans are also for the self-employed or small business borrower wanting to invest in commercial property. We take the time to understand your individual needs so that we can find you the best loan with the most competitive interest rate.

Call Low Doc Home Loans Experts

If you are self-employed you will know of the struggles when trying to find a loan. Being able to provide financial institutions with proof of regular, stable income can usually result in either loans with very high interest rates or being rejected with your application. We have a panel of over 20 lenders which means we are able to bring you the finance solution you desire.

Our service is highly personalised and we take the time to get to know our clients and their situation very well so that we have the ability to find them a better loan solution. We understand that every client is different and therefore we do not offer “cookie cutter” responses. Not everyone falls into the same category. No matter your financial situation, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to us so you can see what your options are.

No doc loans are designed for individuals who are self-employed. Being the owner of your own business, you will understand that your income is by no means steady. Therefore financial institutions are reluctant to approve normal loans because they may see you as being a higher risk. This is why you need Oyster Financial on your side!

With many years’ worth of experience and the knowledge of all the ins and outs of this industry, we know what it takes to get you the best possible loan. Where others may give up and fail, Oyster Financial goes the extra mile and works hard to make your financial dream a reality.

Without recent tax returns or financial statements, the low doc loan or a low doc commercial loan is one of the only options for individuals who are self-employed. However, if you are looking for a loan yourself you may already understand the difficulty. This is because different lenders usually have different requirements and criteria as well as different interest rates and product requirements and features. It can become very complicated very quickly.

With Oyster Financial, you don’t have to worry about all the complicated components of trying to find a low doc loan, no doc loans. You can sit back and watch us find you the best loan. It is our aim to turn your financial dreams into a reality.

Let us help you find the best mortgage! Just Give us a Call : 1300 740 485