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Loans no tax returns – Self-Employed Loans

How do you maximise your available equity for borrowing purposes? Should an investment property be structured in a stand-alone loan, or should the loan be cross securitised with your home? Should you have separate loan splits for investment purposes? And what difference could an offset account make to your loan term? A good broker should be able to advise you on all these aspects of borrowing to invest in property.

At Oyster Financial we pride ourselves on the way we utilise our background in accounting, tax and finance to take a more holistic view of a property investment, and to source for you a product that is not only sharply priced, but that also carries the right structure and features to set you up for investing success.

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Perhaps you’ve heard the term non-conforming mortgage being bandied about, and have wondered what people are talking about. Put simply what was called a non-conforming mortgage in the past is today called a specialist lending product. Specialist lending productsare designed to help people who may not necessarily be able to jump through all of the big banks hoops to obtain a full document loan.

These products provide opportunities for borrowers to obtain the finance that they need to get on with life by providing alternate means verifying a borrower’s income.

Lenders with specialist lending products are a lot more open minded than the big banks about who they’re happy to lend to. You may need a debt consolidation, to buy a home or an investment property, or you may just need to pay out a tax debt. Your credit history may have a few hiccups, or difficult life circumstances may have put you in an awkward financial position.

Specialist lenders understand these things and are most willing to help people get back on their feet. Why not contact us to see how we can help you get back on a firm foundation.

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